We're about to see a LOT more of the inside of the TARDIS on Who

Next year, we'll finally (probably) get what Doctor Who fans have been clamoring for years: namely a good, proper look at the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS interior. Geronimo!

According to Doctor Who TV's couple of sources, the title of Stephen Thompson's episode for the second half of season seven is ... ''Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.''

Well, now, that's a neat title, and a very nice nod to Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, and it's rather revealing, don't you think?

So does that mean that we'll actually get to see much more of the TARDIS than we actually did in Neil Gaiman's magnificent season-six episode ''The Doctor's Wife?''

Apparently, Matt Smith almost blurted out the news, but got stopped by producer Caroline Skinner in a Q&A a couple of months ago.

However, recently, upcoming guest star Ashley Walters (a rapper known as So Solid Crew member Asher D) told Radio Times about his experiences on working on this particular episode and said:

"I nearly got sacked on my first day because they're really strict about it. I was in my costume lying down on the sofa and I just tweeted a photo with the word 'space' — I didn't say anything else. Five minutes later I had execs knocking on my door saying, 'what are you doing?' And then I realised there were signs everywhere saying 'don't tweet'."

(By the way, below is the picture Walters tweeted before deleting it, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, who managed to ''put it back together.'')


But most importantly is that Walters—who plays one of a trio of brothers (the Van Baalens) who are an intergalactic salvage crew—added: "in our episode it'll be the first time people get to see so much of the TARDIS."

Hurray! Does that mean we'll finally get to see that famous swimming pool (and that library) we've heard so much about but have yet to see?

(via Doctor Who TV, Radio Times via Bleeding Cool)

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