Check out bizarre concept art from aborted Jurassic Park 4 pitch

It's taken more than a decade to get a new Jurassic Park off the ground, but don't think the upcoming sequel is the first time someone has tried. Jurassic Park 4 nearly happened around 2005—and judging by this concept art, it would've looked really weird.

The 2005 pitch revolved around a series of human/dinosaur experiments, and the leaked art shows off what those human-dinos would've looked like.

Here's a rough synopsis for what could've been, via Reddit:

"William Monahan and John Sayles wrote a script for Jurassic Park 4 in which a secret genetics lab has been cross-breeding humans with dinosaurs. The result is an army of grotesque and intelligent humanoid dino freaks with problem-solving intelligence and the ability to fire automatic weapons. Yeah. Their storyline was scrapped but it apparently got much farther along in production than anyone realized."
The film was moving along pretty well at the time, and received a mixed-but-optimistic script review from Ain't It Cool News. But the premise was apparently just too weird, so the studio pulled the plug.

Now, several years later, sequel talk is back on the table, though we still don't know what form the new version will take. Do you think any of these ideas will make the cut?

Check out the super-smart dinos below and let us know what you think:

(Via Reddit, Comic Book Movie)

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