Carrie Fisher denies having a Star Wars 'drug nail'

It isn't news that Carrie Fisher was taking cocaine during the filming of at least one Star Wars flick. Fisher herself copped to that a while ago, but now she's talking about her drug use again, this time to deny a rumor that there's evidence of it onscreen in Return of the Jedi.

Late last month, a screen cap from a Jedi scene made the rounds on the web. The image shows Fisher as Leia and Harrison Ford as Han Solo on board a stolen Imperial shuttle as they prepare to leave for the forest moon of Endor.


Fisher's left hand is on Ford's shoulder, and the fingernail on her index finger appears to be significantly longer than her other nails. The image was accompanied by the claim that this was Fisher's "coke nail" or "drug nail," the fingernail she loaded up with cocaine and then snorted from (you know. as in all those cocaine movies).

Today, Fisher took to Twitter to set the record straight about the image. While she freely admits to cocaine use, she says her drug habit was just too classy for the coke-nail method.

Of course, there's a good chance she's just having a laugh about the image, but how many times have you seen a movie coke fiend snort from his or her index finger? Pop culture dictates that's a pinky finger move. And why use your fingernail when you're rolling in all that sweet Star Wars cash? She's a princess, guys, and princesses stay classy ... even when they're addicts.

(Via Carrie Fisher)

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