5 former Doctors come to the aid of classic Who companion

Janet Fielding is probably best known for playing companion Tegan Jovanka to Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor. She's been diagnosed with cancer and, because Doctor Who really is like a big family, Davison is getting some folks to help out. Some big name folks, in fact.

"How big?" you ask? Well, so far, the charity fundraiser, entitled "Project Motor Mouth," will include a host of former actors who have played the good Doctor, including Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann ... and David Tennant. Tennant is an especially big coup because he so rarely does convention appearances.

What's especially nice about the event is that it's not all about Janet Fielding having cancer, it's about helping a cause that she's been championing for some time now. Project Motor House is an effort to rebuild a theater space in Thanet in order to help create a draw for the area and new jobs for the people living in that community. It sounds like a worthy cause and we're thrilled that Peter Davison has been able to get so many great people to help Janet out and raise her spirits.

(via 10th Planet)

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