Dredd 3D concept art shows unused Lawgiver that could have been

Some new concept art from Dredd has leaked out, showing an early version of Judge Dredd's (Karl Urban) signature sidearm that didn't make the final version of the film. Want to see what the Lawgiver could have been?

Released online by artist Mark Simpson, aka Jock, the art stems from early concept work on the big-screen reboot of the post-apocalyptic comic franchise.

This initial design for Dredd's weapon stays a little closer to the original comic book design, as opposed to the slightly tweaked version that made the cut (visible in the poster above).

Here is the Lawmaker pitch that Jock worked up initially (click for larger):


The artist also released a concept design for a shotgun that never even made it off the page, but it sure looks cool. I could definitely imagine a Judge kicking down a door with this bad boy cocked on his shoulder (click for larger):


What do you think? Do you prefer the final version, or this concept?

(Via yFrog)

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