The Doctor walks into a bar (no joke!) in hilarious new Who clip

A Doctor and his two companions walk into a bar ... The Doctor's (Matt Smith) got a bit of a swagger as he walks into a saloon with his posse Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) in this third hilarious Doctor Who clip. We wonder if toothpicks will also become cool.

This new clip is from tomorrow's episode, written by Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and titled ''A Town Called Mercy.''

Matt Smith delivers another hilarious performance—with a toothpick, of all props—which may bring back some bad and/or embarrassing memories for some of you who've ''played'' with a toothpick that way before.

Anywhoooo, lets have a look at the brand-new clip:

Doctor Who airs this Saturday on BBC One, BBC America and SPACE.

(BBC Doctor Who via Doctor Who TV)

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