Terra Nova's creators never got to end the show so want US to do it

It's never fun when a show you love gets cut short, and it's even worse when it ends on some major cliffhangers—as was the case with Fox's futuristic dino-drama Terra Nova. Luckily, the team behind the series wants your help to decide how it should have ended.

The DVD collection of the first and only season was released yesterday, and Fox is asking fans to help come up with ideas for how the show's lingering questions could have been answered.

At the show's official website, fans are able to use editing software to put together a motion comic with their best idea for a grand finale. The catch? You must have a DVD code from the season-one DVD set to participate.

Once they get some cool entries, Fox Home Entertainment will post the best endings in a video gallery for fans to check out.

Here's the tagline for the contest, which establishes the big questions fans will be asked to answer:

Would the Sixers, Lucas and the Phoenix Group have completed their secret mission? Or would Commander Taylor and the Shannons have been able to win back Terra Nova for the future? And how did the wooden figurehead get there?
If you plan on picking up the DVD set, head over to the show's website and take a crack at your own epic finale.

So how do you think the show should have ended?

(Via ScreenCrush)

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