Patrick Stewart says (well, nods) he's ready for another X-Men film

After three X-Men films under his wheelchair belt and the success of the new reboot with X-Men: First Class (which will be getting a sequel any day now. Any day ... ) with a younger Charles Xavier aka Professor X played by James McAvoy, you'd think Sir Patrick Stewart was finished with the X-franchise, right? Well, maybe not.

According to a story over at Bleeding Cool, The Comic Book Club podcast has found itself with a bit of a little scoop this week.

Apparently, one of the podcast's regulars works in an Apple store and found themselves serving Sir Patrick Stewart this week. See, Stewart had lost the plug for his iPhone.

So apparently there the guy was, in front of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself and the guy got Stewart to say ''Magneto'' and ''Weapon X'' a few times and asked ''so ... another X-Men movie?''

And Stewart responded with a NOD. Happy fanboy/fangirl response here? Does that mean that Fox may still go ahead with another X-Men sequel as well as a second First Class outing? It remains to be seen ...

Then Stewart mentioned that he was going to dinner with another Star Trek Captain, William Shatner, and said that Shatner was very eccentric. No kidding.

So do you guys see anything in Patrick Stewart's ''acknowledgement'' of another X-Men film? Should we pass the bucket of salt all around?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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