Oliver Queen explains why he's a bad, bad man in new Arrow promo

The CW's released another promo for the comic-based Arrow, featuring Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) explaining why his character isn't a typical hero. He's just as bad as he is good, and he has the sordid past to prove it.

Oliver Queen is in the hot seat and admits he's not a good catch. "I work long hours. I run with a bad crowd. I lie. I cheat. I steal. And I promise I'll never remember your birthday," Oliver reveals. Oh, no, he really does sound like a monster!

Despite his character flaws, Oliver would be the first person to save your life. The end justifies the means. He says, "What's wrong with breaking the rules? Raising a little hell?" We think it's fair to say Arrow will play up the edgier side of the billionaire playboy.

What do you think of Oliver's bad-boy persona?

Arrow premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

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