Gunfire erupts in intense video from the RoboCop reboot set

A few days ago we got our first glimpse at the new RoboCop suit. Now we get our first glimpse of RoboCop violence. The crimefighter himself isn't in action, but new video from the set reveals that things are getting intense on this flick.

Though the videos aren't very in-depth, and we don't really see any stars, reports from the set claim that this is actually a pivotal moment in the Jose Padilha reboot. According to Comic Book Movie's Alex Lynch, what we're seeing here is a gang of criminals machine-gunning a restaurant in which Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is having dinner. According to Lynch, this is the scene that mangles Murphy's body beyond repair and leads to the transformation into RoboCop. We can't confirm that, but it certainly seems to make sense from the looks of things.

Check out the videos below (we've got four different angles), and imagine all this rainy drama unfolding on the big screen.


(Via Comic Book Movie)

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