Get close to The Hobbit cast with 15 stunning new character pics

We've seen them in the trailers, we've seen them in panoramic posters, we've read about them, and now we can get even closer to the company of dwarves about to take Peter Jackson's unexpected journey with up-close portraits of every member of Thorin Oakenshield's Hobbit company.

The portraits arrived earlier today on Peter Jackson's official Facebook page, and they give us an excellent chance to gawk at the incredible Middle-earth effects brought to us once again by the legendary Weta Workshop. It's also a good chance to see just how diverse these dwarves can be. They don't all look like Gimli.

Check out the photos, accompanied by character and actor names, below.

The first film in Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, subtitled An Unexpected Journey, arrives this December.

(Via Peter Jackson)

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