Faux Spidey streaker so fast he might be the real deal (NSFW vid)

Oh, Spidey. You wacky super-powered weirdo. First you spin a web (any size, I hear), and then, without warning, you're running like a fool, buck naked save for your mask, across a football field. On top of that, you're such an exhibitionist that you, ahem, I mean Peter Parker, videotaped the whole thing.

All right, so it's probably not the real Spider-Man. But look at that fella go! So fast he may as well be the real deal. Fortunately for all parties involved, the video was shot from behind only, so we can't tell whether the dude's spidey sense is, uh ... tingling.

Apparently the masked streaker made his way across the field at Seminole High School in Florida, managing to evade all the security guards available. But much like J. Jonah Jameson, WSTP-TV is on a mission to identify the offending party, going so far as to air the video below with the question, "Do you know these cheeks?"

And now the video has made its way to the web! (Ya get it? That's a spider joke!) Watch it and maybe you'll discover that you do know those cheeks. Only one way to find out.

(via huffington post)

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