Captain America's the loneliest Avenger in a new deleted scene

We've got less than a month before The Avengers finally hits Blu-ray, and we keep getting deleted scenes from the flick to make the wait easier. Today we've got a Steve Rogers-centric sequence that explores Captain America's deep-rooted loneliness and reveals more of a dark side to the movie that Joss Whedon cut from the final film.

When we first see Cap in the theatrical cut of The Avengers, he's in a gym hitting punching bags until they explode, just as he was at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. This sequence ends with that moment, which leads us to believe that Whedon originally intended to re-introduce us to Steve Rogers with this scene. It features Cap sitting alone in his apartment, pondering calling a now-elderly Peggy Carter, then sitting alone at a cafe pondering ... well, just pondering. See if you recognize the waitress in the cafe scene from elsewhere in the flick, and keep an eye out for another cameo near the end.

Check out the clip here, courtesy of Movie Fanatic:

Take that sequence and couple it with the darker alternate opening starring Maria Hill, and you've got a first act that's very different in tone from the action-packed, often funny opening we ended up with. Still, even if it didn't make into the movie, this scene is fascinating for what it reveals about how Whedon sees Cap.

(Via io9 & Movie Fanatic)

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