Cabin in the Woods cast cracks up in scary funny blooper reel

Reciting Latin phrases from a dusty book is never a good idea in horror flicks. Lots of bad stuff can happen, including uncontrollable giggling—as shown in this clip included in the Blu-ray release of Joss Whedon's Cabin In The Woods.

In this behind-the-scenes snippet, quirky actor Fran Kranz follows the cast around with a hand-held digital camera, capturing some secret bits of fun with Kristen Connolly. The Blu-ray set comes out on Tuesday, September 18th and contains a casket-full of extras, including multiple audio commentaries with director and co-writer Drew Goddard and co-writer and producer, Joss Whedon, a cool Wonder-Con Q&A with Joss and Drew, special make-up and animatronic effects featurette and some crazy rip-roaring surprises.

Carpe Diem ... and try not to laugh.

The Cabin in the Woods Behind the Scenes Exclusive Blu-ray ClipTrailerParkToo | Myspace Video

Excited for Cabin In The Woods release in time for Halloween or just want to see a Mjolnir-less Chris Hemsworth in a corny letterman's jacket again?

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