Director shares which 9 movies will most shape his Wolverine pic

After the disappointment of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, expectations are high that director James Mangold will redeem everyone's favorite clawed mutant with The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman's already promised that he and Mangold are delivering something new, and now Mangold's taken to Twitter to reveal which films are inspiring his take on Wolverine.

Mangold's been tweeting quite a lot lately, interacting with fans and fellow filmmakers, and while he hasn't spilled any real details from The Wolverine's set, he has taken the time to talk about the films on his mind while he shoots.

That's an eclectic mix of Japanese, British and American influences, ranging from westerns to crime films to emotional human dramas. There's no telling yet how much of what Mangold admires about these movies will wind up on the screen in The Wolverine, but we already know the film will pack a heavy Japanese influence, so we'll see how much Ozu and Kurosawa influence the film's look.

What do you think? Even if he's just talking about tone and not look, is Mangold on the right track?

(Twitter via Comic Book Movie)

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