Why'd Disney kill Coraline director's new stop-motion pic?

Excited to see what the director behind Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas has in store for stop-motion fans? Too bad, because Disney just pulled the plug on his latest film.

Though no synopsis or information has been released on the project, stop-motion animation auteur Henry Selick has been working on a new flick for more than a year at Disney.

The untitled film was apparently not moving fast enough to suit the execs, and apparently the studio wasn't too excited about what he was putting together to begin with.

As Deadline put it:

"It just wasn't coming together in a manner that pleased the studio."
Stop-motion films take a lot of time and work, and it seems Disney has decided to cut its losses and not risk sinking any more cash into a project it doesn't feel strongly enough about to get behind.

Though it's bad news for fans hoping to see Selick's secret stop-motion project, Disney says it will allow him to shop the project around, so hopefully someone will take a chance on it.

Want some more fallout? Selick signed on with Disney earlier this year to take the reins of a big-screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, and no one knows for sure exactly how this news will affect his working relationship with the company. Here's hoping he stays, because he definitely has the vision to bring the story from book to film.

What do you think? Would you like to see Selick's mystery project?

(The Mary Sue via Deadline)

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