Tokyo's WTF ice cream inspired by breasts of videogame character

Japan has a rich and storied culture dating back centuries. It also has ice cream made up to look like boobies. Why? Because breasts are where ice cream comes from! Right?

Apparently, there's a videogame called Senran Kagura that, for some reason, seems to involve its titular character having her diploma shoved between her up-fronts.

That's not satisfactory, though. No, sir! Not until you can take that imagery and eat it. Well, you can thank the cafes in Akihabara for making that dream come true.


While this particular incarnation will only continue in Tokyo cafe's until Aug. 19, we're confident that what has been seen cannot be unseen and that clones of this "masterpiece" are inevitable.

Check your Mister Softee next time. You never know!

(via technobob)

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