The Doctor to meet a former Doctor (sort of) in Who Xmas special

Yesterday, the BBC tweeted that they would announce an "iconic star" who would be appearing on Doctor Who. Who could it be? In the parlance of Abbott and Costello—exactly!

Richard E. Grant might not be a name that most people in America immediately recognize, but he's an important one to classic Doctor Who fans.

During the sad and lonely times that Doctor Who was away from our screens, the old Doc still had a tendency to make appearances here and there. On two separate occasions, Grant actually played the Doctor, making him one of the unofficial Ninth Doctors twice. So close to the real thing! He played the Doctor in Scream of the Shalka, a flash animated series.

Most importantly, though, there is the Curse of the Fatal Death, part of the BBC's Comic Relief Special that featured a satire of the most beloved show in all of the U.K. What makes the goofy special so unique is its author—Steven Moffat.

Yes, that's right. Before bowties were cool and gas masks could accidentally become attached to your face, there was Richard Grant and his "lick-the-mirror" handsome ways.

As for the meat and potatoes, Grant will be playing a villain in the upcoming Christmas special. Will there be a some tongue-in-cheek reference to his previous Time Lord experience? Only time (har, har, har) will tell.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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