The Hulk tries to figure out his future in deleted Avengers scene

Remember that scene in The Avengers in which The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) falls through a building and has a chat with a confused security guard when he wakes up? Turns out there was a lot more of that conversation that got cut. Potential spoilers ahead!

With The Avengers' Blu-ray release just a little over a month away on Sept. 25, the studio has released one of the deleted scenes that will be included for fans.

The clip comes via Entertainment Weekly, and is a nice little exchange that sets up Bruce Banner's triumphant appearance in the final battle.

Does it add much to the story? Well, no, but it is a nice character moment that had to be trimmed to keep the already long running time within reason.

But it does add a little more humanity to Ruffalo's Banner, and is definitely worth a look.

What do you think? Should this scene have made the cut for the theatrical release?

(Collider via EW)

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