Sneak peek at new script shows RoboCop's gonna be a Transformer

Considering it's been a while since the original RoboCop was released, it makes sense that the upcoming reboot will at least be somewhat informed by some recent action sci-fi hits—but apparently it seems the new flick could bear some resemblance to one of Michael Bay's most explosive franchises.

A writer over at HitFix claims to have read a copy of the script, and has been posting interesting tidbits to his Twitter feed. Among them? That the Robocop suit can, apparently, transform—Transformers-style. Oh, jeez.

The comedy also seems to be a bit hit-and-miss, with apparently some jabs taken at the expense of the original film (not a smart move to poke at the fanboys).

With Joel Kinnaman, Jackie Earle Haley, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish and Hugh Laurie all attached, the cast is pretty good. But, judging by the report here, the script might not do them justice.

Here are a few choice tweets from Drew McWeeny's take on the script:

Yikes, that does not sound promising. Hopefully they work out some of the kinks before this thing goes any further. What do you think?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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