Paul Verhoeven slams recent Total Recall remake as 'not good'

From RoboCop to Total Recall, sci-fi auteur Paul Verhoeven has brought us some true classics over the years. So what does he think of Len Wiseman's new Total Recall remake? Apparently, not much.

At a recent fan event, Verhoeven reminisced about his lengthy career and offered his thoughts on some of his old flicks coming back into the limelight.

He said Arnold Schwarzenegger's casting helped give the original that dash of camp to tie it all together, and said that wink is what was missing from Wiseman's Colin Farrell-led reboot.

Here are his comments, as reported by MovieLine:

"Arnold being there made the movie a little light, and I think that's very important for these Philip Dick stories. I think if it would have been done in a straight way, I'm not so sure that it would have worked—at least, not at that time. And recently [in the Total Recall remake], it did not. I get to say that because the producer of the new one said that this was cheesy or something. And Colin Farrell called it in an interview 'kitschy.' So I dare to say that his version was not good."

Even though a few decades have passed, Verhoeven said he is still proud of the open-ended approach he took to the story's finale. Turns out the new team actually reached out for a little clarity on his ending, apparently calling it "nonsense":

"I felt that it should be both. I thought in retrospect this is probably the first post-modern film ... The producer of the new one asked me [if it's real or not]. I said no it's both, and he said, 'That's nonsense.'"

What do you think of the new version? Do you prefer the original or the remake?

(Via MovieLine)

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