New Fringe Season 5 promo: What did they do to Walter?

The Observers are ruthless, and the final season of Fringe proves it. Now that they've taken over, Peter, Olivia and Walter's lives have been turned upside down. And poor Dr. Bishop gets the brunt of the backlash.

Fringe's latest promo does the old bait and switch. It starts off peaceful and serene but ends with a disturbing image. As in the previous promo, Peter and Olivia are spending a gorgeous afternoon at the park. They're with their daughter Etta, and life is good. But since this is Fringe, they're not allowed to be happy too long.

The Observers begin their descent, targeting Etta and wreaking havoc. The most heartbreaking moment is the final shot, with Walter confined to a chair, beaten and bloody. He's taunted by an Observer who says, "You are fighting much more than I would have thought possible."

Walter doesn't deserve this.

Fringe returns to Fox Sept. 28.

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