NASA video gives best view yet of Mars rover's epic descent

The Mars rover Curiosity made its successful landing late Sunday night/early Monday morning on the Red Planet, in its search for John Carter and who knows what else. Now NASA has released a new video showing the descent onto the planet—from the eye of the Curiosity Mars Descent Imager. Want to see?

The Mars rover is currently rolling around up there starting its long mission of tests and exploration (here are the first pics it sent back Monday).

As for the descent video, here's the description, straight from NASA:

This stop-motion video shows 297 frames from the Mars Descent Imager aboard NASA's Curiosity rover as it descended to the surface of Mars.

These thumbnail images were received on Earth on Aug. 6, 2012, and cover the last two and a half minutes of descent.

Check it out below:

(Via NASA)

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