Is Sam Raimi working on a new top-secret horror film?

Sam Raimi's latest film, Oz: The Great and Powerful, is a whimsical fantasy for all ages. But at his core, the director's all about horror. Therefore, we're not surprised that Raimi's working on a new terrifying tale.

While out promoting The Possession (he served as producer), Raimi told Shocktillyoudrop, "I'd like to make another horror movie, I'm writing one with my brother right now. I'm really looking forward to it." Of course, they couldn't let him drop a bomb like that without giving some details.

Raimi continued, "I'm beginning to think I should not have said anything because I don't want to start looking at it from the outside and looking at it analytically. So, we're going to keep writing it. It's a very simple story about a character, we're trying to figure out what they want, it's all of the basic stuff—how they come involved with this darker force.There's nothing much to tell [yet], I've got a three-page treatment we're working off of right now."

We can't wait until we know the whole story. We thoroughly enjoyed the underrated Drag Me to Hell and would love to see something else in that vein.

What do you think? Are you interested in another Raimi gorefest?

(via Shocktiliyoudrop)

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