Intriguing titles for Who's final 7th season episodes disclosed

Doctor Who's final season with the Ponds is rife with mystery, but today the last two episode titles with Amy and Rory have been revealed. What secrets could they hold? Read on to find out.

Now, prior to this official news, among the rumored titles for episodes four and five were "The Angels Wept," "Set in Stone" and "Cubed." Close, but all wrong. The actual titles are "The Power of Three" and "The Angels Take Manhattan."

So ... Angels taking Manhattan evokes a lot of muppet imagery, obviously. Lots of impending fanart on the way, no doubt, if it isn't out there already.

The real excitement comes from "The Power of Three," though, because now we've got a question: "Three what?" or, better yet, "Three who?" Because that could mean a lot of things. Amy, Rory and the Doctor are three, but it could mean more than that. Three Angels? Three time periods? Three ... Doctors, perhaps?

If nothing else, it's something to keep us excited during the long wait until new episodes in September.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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