See Batman get skewered in extremely NSFW Dark Knight roast

Batman may be the hottest hero out there, with The Dark Knight Rises still burning up the box office, but luckily his pals Iron Man, Catwoman and Superman are here to bring him down to earth.

The comedy team at Barely Political have put together a mock roast of Batman, featuring a ton of his superhero brethren taking potshots at, as Superman calls him, "the biggest downer we know, Dr. Depressing, Captain Hopeless, the Dark Knight himself—Batman."

The roast is pretty darn funny, and it hits all the right notes that comic fans should catch. But if you're reading this at work, be warned—this thing is raunchier than most hard-R comedies, and the language is more than enough to make the Green Lantern turn red.

Check out the roast, split into two easy-to-digest parts, below:

So what'd you think? Is Batman worthy of all the name-calling?

(Via Cheezburger)

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