A Trekkie restoring original Next Gen Enterprise bridge? Make it so!

In what may be the ultimate case of "one man's trash is another man's treasure," Paramount was in the process of throwing away the entire set of the Enterprise D bridge when one proud Trekkie boldly took it and then had it transported to his home. What's he going to do now? Why, restore the entire thing, of course!

While most of the set pieces are in nowhere near the pristine condition they once were, it looks like a kickstarter will be started in due course to completely rebuild Star Trek: The Next Generation's Enterprise 1701-D bridge. Pretty neat, and the ultimate goal is definitely worth setting a few shekels aside in support.

"I am in the process of completely restoring the set to its original splendor, and MAKE IT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Meetings, Movie Showings, Fund Raisers, Tours, Filming, anything!!"

Sounds good to us. Check out the gallery to see what he's working with.

(via Facebook)

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