1st look at Diana Rigg in 13 revealing new Doctor Who set pics

Hot on the heels of the Diana Rigg announcement, here are the first set pics from the "historical" episode from Doctor Who's second half of season seven. Not only do we have Matt Smith as the Doctor, but we also have his new companion, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (in full Victorian garb, no less). Oh, and there are also quite a few SPOILERS in there, too.


So the rumored title for this episode (episode 9), written by Mark Gatiss, is "The Crimson Horror," and it appears to be partially set in a strange 19th-century village. We don't know about you, but we do love ourselves some strange villages on Doctor Who. Yep, we do.

The pics show Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Dame Diana Rigg, Catrin Stewart (Jenny from "A Good Man Goes to War," which would lead some credence to the Madame Vastra rumor despite actress Neve McIntosh's denial) and Downton Abbey actor Brendan Patricks.

A bit more info about the episode has also emerged, and we now know that Diana Rigg will play a character called Mrs Gillyflower, who's also referred to as "the ice lady."

Doctor Who TV reported a line from the filming of the episode, which is: "There is something very odd about that factory—nobody who goes in seems to come back out. And there's never any smoke."

They also report that Clara will be kidnapped by Mrs Gillyflower, who takes people to her factory and does some sort of "process" to them (that sounds similar to Cybermen work here). Later, Jenny will tell the Doctor (who may be sporting another new costume) that she saw Clara die, with our Time Lord answering back that it's not as simple as that and that the process can be reversed.

Brendan Patricks is also playing two characters called Edmund and Jeremiah, who will presumably be twins.

So what do you guys think of the pics? Does the episode look cool?

(Ryan Farrell's pics via SFX, Den of Geek, Doctor Who TV)

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