Total Recall's 3-breasted hooker? She was almost Kate Beckinsale!

Let's play a little word association. If we say "Total Recall," what's your first thought? It's "three boobs," isn't it? That's a little pervy, but don't feel bad. Everyone remembers that particular scene from the original. Now imagine Kate Beckinsale with the ol' tri-breasted setup, because it very nearly happened.

It's all in the timing, as they say. Beckinsale very nearly wasn't available for the role of Lori, but, still wanting to be involved, she toyed with the idea of making a very special cameo.

"At one point, when it looked like I wouldn't be able to play Lori, I was going to do a cameo as the three-breasted woman," says Becksinale. "And I started fretting about where they'd put the third one. Have I actually got room for a third one in the middle, or would it go to the side? Would it then be under an armpit and actually not sexy?"

Ah, the breast laid schemes o' mice an' men. Don't fret, though. Now that this news is out, we're sure someone will Photoshop an image within the hour. And Kate? We're pretty sure it's gonna look just fine.


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