New York is under attack from space Nazis in new Iron Sky clip

A new clip from Iron Sky, the epic space Nazi film we never knew we wanted, has been released—and this time we get a look at some of the tactics our attackers will be using to take out New York City. Let the meteor blitzkrieg begin!

After a pretty long gestation, the low-budget sci-fi film is finally opening up in limited release, hitting some U.S. screens this weekend.

Here's the full synopsis:

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers.

When American astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) puts down his Lunar Lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer (Udo Kier) decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected. Washington claims the mission is just a publicity stunt for the President of the United States (Stephanie Paul), but what else could the man be but a scout for the imminent attack by Earth forces? The Fourth Reich must act!

The first trailer sets up the insanity, but this latest clip shows the attack in action.

What do you think? Will you be there for the space Nazi invasion?

(Via Collider)

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