So what's the woman banned from Comic-Con last year wearing now?

San Diego Comic-Con has always been known as a place of unique attire, but one Aeon Flux lookalike took it a bit too far last year—and was booted from the con for showing too much skin. So what did she come as this year?

Adrianne Curry, a former America's Next Top Model contestant and VH1 reality TV star, said she was asked to leave last year—"the butt ... sigh" she tweeted at the time—so she opted for a safe move this year.

Here's last year's skimpy Aeon Flux look:


And now, this year's ... umm... heavily layered, Biblical-era dinosaur look. (Huh?) Check it out for yourself below.


We're not exactly sure what Curry was going for this year, but we do know one thing—that outfit definitely looks like a safe bet to stay off security's radar in 2012.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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