See Raimi's complete Spidey trilogy in intense 6-minute supercut

If you're feeling nostalgic after watching Andrew Garfield's turn as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, you're in luck—this 6-minute supercut will let you relive Tobey Maguire's glory days as Spidey in the original trilogy.

After recently seeing Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man on the big screen, this montage really shows how much the new film differs from Sam Raimi's original adaptation. Raimi's is obviously a little more slapstick, but even the color scheme stands out, as Webb's vision of New York takes on a darker style when compared to the bright colors from the original trilogy.

Plus, after seeing Garfield take on the mantle, it's interesting to go back and compare the mannerisms with Maguire. They may be playing the same character, but they're doing it in very different ways.

Check out the clip below:

So which Spidey do you prefer?

(Via /Film)

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