Nimoy blasts Emmy picks over 'ridiculous' Fringe snub

The Emmy nominations list was announced Thursday, and though some sci-fi series made the cut, several fan favorites were left out. One of the most glaring omissions? Fox's Fringe, which is gearing up for its final season. Luckily, Fringe guest star and sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy is not taking this snub lightly.

Nimoy, who has guest-starred on several episodes of Fringe as Willam Bell, took to Twitter soon after the nominations were announced to lament the selections, calling the move "ridiculous."

Check out Nimoy's take on it below.

After a bit more thought, he added it wasn't much of a surprise—considering that his other famed series, Star Trek, has also been famously snubbed time and time again:

What do you think? Are they nuts for leaving off Fringe?

(Via TV Line)

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