Meet the Ninja Turtles in their bizarre rapping opening theme song

The full opening theme song sequence for Nickelodeon's latest CGI Ninja Turtles cartoon has found its way out into the wild. If you're a fan of the late-'80s incarnation, then you're sure to have some serious feelings about it.

But before we go any further, let's let the material speak for itself.

All right, material, you all done speaking for yourself? This blogger gets a turn now? Okay, good.

What in the sweet name of mercy was that? The old theme tune was (and let us know below if general consensus bears this opinion out) one of the best cartoon openings ever. It's just perfect, and while the latest follows a similar formula (lots of action, description of the major players in the lyrics), there's something lost in the translation with all that ... rapping.

Are we off base here? The old theme was one that every kid sang along to no matter how many times they heard it. Will this new one have the same effect? Or will viewers new and old switch to something else before the episode even begins?

(via Movie Web)

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