Here's how Jon Favreau's John Carter would have been a lot different

Back when John Carter was still called John Carter of Mars, Iron Man director Jon Favreau was originally attached to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic story to life. But it wasn't meant to be—so Andrew Stanton stepped in to make a solid (but commercially awful) film. So what would Favreau have done differently?

He answered that question in a recent interview with Crave Online, and he said his version would have definitely been a different take than Stanton's effort. The biggest change? A more intimate focus on Carter's journey:

"I probably wouldn't have been as ambitious. I think both of us really appreciated the source material. Stanton started to weave in elements from the later books. I probably would've told a smaller story.

As we were developing the script it was much more the experience of John Carter being found in this new world and him coming up in a Man Called Horse kind of way among the Tharks and then opening up the world slowly."

Hmm, that's definitely interesting to hear what could've been. And though Stanton's version was entertaining, it almost tried to do too much too quickly. Would a "smaller" version work better? We dunno, but really wish we could find out.

So do you think Favreau's version would've been more successful than the box-office dud we got?

(Via Crave Online)

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