Fringe S5 production shut down as star seeks treatment

Production on the fifth and final season of Fringe has hit a snag. Over the past month, its cast has experienced some serious personal problems. First, Blair Brown was put out of commission due to an illness, then Jasika Nicole was in a minor car accident, and now John Noble is seeking treatment.

Multiple sources confirm that production on Fringe has been shut down. Shooting will be delayed for nine days while co-star John Noble gets treated for a sleep disorder. Due to his lack of rest, the 63-year-old actor's performance has been deeply affected.

Monday, Noble was noticeably absent from the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, where Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman explained that he was "under the weather." But now we know there's more to the story. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production is expected to resume on Aug. 7.

Fringe season five is still scheduled to premiere Sept. 28.

We wish Noble a speedy recovery.

(via THR)

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