Dark Knight Rises + 15 more SF pics accused of being too political

Dating all the way back to the era of the original Twilight Zone, science fiction has served as a great way to sneak in political allegories and cultural critiques—all under the guise of a sci-fi movie. So what are some popular sci-fi flicks that have been accused—whether deserved or not—of getting a little too political?

Though The Dark Knight Rises is making headlines for the use of the baddie Bane—which some pundits have claimed is a deliberate connection to presidential candidate Mitt Romney's former company (despite the fact that the film was in the works before anyone knew Romney would be a front-runner)—several films have been accused of having not-so-subtle political agendas over the years.

So what are some sci-fi flicks that may, or may not, have had political agendas?

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