Bryan Fuller offers cryptic hint: more Pushing Daisies on the way

From Dead Like Me to Wonderfalls, Bryan Fuller has become the king of fantastic TV series that just can't find a mainstream audience. But it seems one of his quirkiest (and most beloved) projects—Pushing Daisies—will be coming back to life soon. But how?

Fuller was at Comic-Con this weekend, talking up his new Munsters reimagining, Mockingbird Lane, and the topic of Pushing Daisies eventually popped up.

Good news, fans. It seems the short-lived series about a pie maker who can bring things back to life is still alive—Fuller just wouldn't say what the heck he's doing with it. His comments:

"There is another Pushing Daisies project that is not a comic and that is not a miniseries that we're working on."

Hmm, that eliminates the obvious options. So what's left? Perhaps a novel or a web series? If we're really lucky, maybe a feature film? We have no idea. But the curiosity is killing us.

What do you think? How would you live to see Pushing Daisies come back from the dead?

(Via TV Line)

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