1st look at Bryan Cranston's villain in tense new Total Recall clip

We knew the Total Recall remake had tapped Bryan Cranston as the new baddie on the hunt for Dennis Quaid (Colin Farrell)—and now we finally have our first look at the Breaking Bad star in action.

The new clip shows off an exchange between Kate Beckinsale and Cranston, where they're talking about an encounter where Farrell has apparently gotten the best of Beckinsale.

Cranston told Hollywood.com he wanted a creepy approachability for his character, and we're excited for the Aug. 3 release date to see even more of him:

"I said 'John Edwards,' I want a John Edwards softness to him, so it's not 'here comes the bad guy!' I wanted to change that up and approach it that way."
Check out the clip below:

So what'd you think of Cranston as the new baddie? Do you think he has the creepy vibe to carry the character?


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