13 exciting new Dredd pics show off explosions and big, big guns

Some new promo shots from the upcoming Dredd flick have been released, showing off even more of the gritty world we can expect from the new Mega-City One—and the more we see, the more we like.

The pics show off stars Karl Urban and Lena Headey (who looks terrifying as the scarred-up baddie Ma-Ma) but really seem to focus in on young judge-in-training Olivia Thirlby. Oh, plus we get a look at a bunch of random thugs with guns.

This being an extremely violent, hard-R action flick, most of these shots show off explosions and big guns. Which, yeah, we wouldn't want it any other way.

We still have to wait a couple of months for Dredd's Sept. 21 release, so until then, marvel at all the dark action coming down the pike:

(Via Collider)

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