Will Attack the Block director be the guy who finally films Snow Crash?

Much like the forever-in-development-hell adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer, Neal Stephenson's sci-fi classic Snow Crash is an essential cyberpunk novel that's had nothing but bad luck on its way to the big screen. But Attack the Block's Joe Cornish could be set to change all that.

Deadline is reporting that producer Kathleen Kennedy has drafted Cornish to write and direct the adaptation of Stephenson's novel for Paramount Pictures. Cornish is still hot off Attack the Block, his directorial debut, which was among the most acclaimed genre flicks of last year, so hopefully he can put that momentum to good use in finally bringing this one to the screen.

Snow Crash follows Hiro Protagonist (yes, that's his name) as he investigates the effects of a mysterious virus called "Snow Crash" through both real and virtual worlds in a near future dominated by corporations and organized crime. It's classic cyberpunk, and was nominated for both the British Science Fiction Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

The novel's development-hell history goes all the way back to its publication year of 1992, when Kennedy first picked it up for Paramount. The studio eventually dropped the project, and Kennedy took it to Disney, where it went stagnant. Kennedy apparently introduced Cornish to the book herself, and he came on board at Paramount, where Deadline's Mike Fleming says the project is considered a "priority."

So will Snow Crash finally make it to the big screen? And is Cornish the right director for the job?

(Via Deadline)

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