Which supernatural star is Hollywood's highest-paid actress?

Regardless of what you might think of the movies this young actress makes, or of her relative talents, she chooses hits—and she's made herself indispensable to one of the biggest franchises of the past 25 years. Seems like falling in love with sparklevamps is a rather profitable endeavor.

Yes, boys and girls, it's Kristen Stewart. The 22-year-old Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman star pulled down $34.5 million last year, which puts her a half-mil ahead of Cameron Diaz, who took the No. 2 slot.

As Forbes says, "to determine who the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood are, we considered upfront pay, profit participation, residuals, endorsements and advertising work. We talked to manager, agents, lawyers and other in-the-know folks to come up with our estimates. We did not deduct for things like agent fees or the expenses related to being a celebrity."

And there is, as always, no accounting for taste.

(Via Forbes)

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