Spider-Man's on the run from the cops in action-packed new footage

Whether or not you're excited that Marvel's famed webslinger is getting a big-screen reboot, there's one point that's hard to argue—those action scenes in Amazing Spider-Man look really, really good. Especially the latest one.

The newest bit of footage shows New York's finest in hot pursuit of Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), and we get some great shots of Garfield using his Spidey sense to bounce through traffic and dodge motorcycle cops.

Even the movements have a different look than Sam Raimi's recent Spider-Man trilogy, and though it may tread somewhat familiar territory (reboot or not, it's still a Spider-Man story, after all), it'll at least look a little grittier and more realistic along the way.

Check out the new clip below:

Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3.

What do you think about the latest clip?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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