Sherlock star wants to be 1st lady Doctor, but fears Who fan-hate

Rumors of a potential female Doctor Who have been swirling for years, and the actress most recently associated with the role said she's love to take a crack at being the Doctor—but she worries fans may not be "keen" on the idea.

Lara Pulver, who plays Irene Adler on Who showrunner Steven Moffat's other hit series Sherlock, was rumored a while back to potentially be in line to take the reins from current Doctor Matt Smith sometime in the future, making her the first female Doctor in the series' long-running history.

But she told Digital Spy she doesn't want to do it if it would turn fans off to the classic British sci-fi franchise:

"Steven [Moffat] and I have both said we thoroughly enjoyed working together, and then there was me being in Wales so the media put two and two together," she explained.

Asked if she'd be excited to play the first female Doctor, Pulver added: "Yes and no. Not if it meant the end of the Doctor Who franchise, because the fans aren't keen on it."

We've been hearing for a while now that Moffat has some big surprises in store for Doctor Who's upcoming 50th anniversary, and bringing in the first female lead in history would definitely qualify as a big surprise.

Pulver is a great actress, and her turn as Adler in Sherlock was one of the highlights of the recent season. But do you think she's cut out to wear the Doctor's fez and Stetson?

(Via Digital Spy)

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