Rumor of the Day: Lady alien falls for Companion in Who lesbian ep

Doctor Who honcho Steven Moffat loves to mix things up, and rumor has it a fan favorite alien will be coming back in season seven—and falling for the Doctor's new companion in a lesbian storyline.

According to a report at The List, the lady-loving Silurian alien Madama Vastra, who played a key part in the season-six episode "A Good Man Goes to War," will be back in season seven.

The interesting part? She'll apparently have the hots for new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), which will play out in some form or fashion in the upcoming season.

"Steven Moffat loves to shake up the show," an anonymous source told the Daily Star. "What better way than a lesbian storyline?"
Sound off: Is this a storyline you're interested in seeing play out?

(Via The List)

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