Producer blames John Carter's failure on Disney's 'mistakes'

The lead-up to the epic (and epic bomb) John Carter was filled with marketing missteps, as Disney tried to push—then mask—the hard sci-fi underpinnings behind the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation. Now one of the film's producers has spoken out and says it's that indecisiveness that ultimately doomed the film.

Mark Andrews, who helped develop the film with director Andrew Stanton, told The Playlist he believes the film could have been a hit if viewers had had a clear indication of what the film actually was:

"I was in denial for quite a bit and the studio pulled the plug on it a little prematurely and I think there were some mistakes in marketing. It was like 'Give it a chance! This thing is struggling to find itself! Hold on a little longer!' I think, ultimately, what's really interesting now is that it's the #1 pirated movie of all time. I think all the bad press has given it this mystique."

Despite its initial box-office failure, John Carter has rallied to post very respectable numbers in DVD sales, and most fans say the movie isn't half bad. If interest continues to swell now that the film is available on DVD, Andrews said he wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel greenlit someday—and if it is, he'll be ready:

"It's going to get its legs back and me and Andrew aren't done with that story yet and we really want to do two and three. There's some great stuff for John Carter as a hero to deal with in the future. We're ready to go. As soon as somebody from Disney says, 'We want 'John Carter 2,'' we'd be right there."

What do you think? Did Disney's marketing confusion doom the theatrical opening? Will a sequel ever happen?

(Via The Playlist)

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