Nobel-winning economist says alien invasion could save U.S. economy

Throughout history, war has always been one of the best economic boosters—producing all those weapons and supplies takes people, and with so many soldiers in the field, it opens up even more jobs at home. Considering how big a boost a regular human war creates, how about an alien war? According to a Nobel Prize-winning economist, that's exactly what the U.S. needs right now.

Though there's no impending alien invasion (that we know of), the acclaimed economist Paul Krugman even has an answer for that: Make one up, at least long enough to get us out of the Great Recession.

Krugman, half-joking, presented his proposal recently, as reported by HuffPost:

"If you actually look at what took us out of the Great Depression, it was Europe's entry into World War II and the U.S. buildup that began in advance. So if we could get something that could cause the government to say, 'Oh, never mind those budget things; let's just spend and do a bunch of stuff.' So my fake threat from space aliens is the other route. I've been proposing that."
Krugman has been pitching his idea for a while, and here is a piece from 2011 where he was touting the concept:

What do you think? Is it going to take an alien invasion to get the U.S. economy back on track?

(Via HuffPost)

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