Viral edition of Gotham Observer newspaper discloses TDKR details

The intricate viral promotional campaign for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises just got a little deeper, and we can now check out the latest edition of Gotham's news source—The Gotham Observer. So what do we learn?

It seems the public legacy of Harvey Dent continues to inspire the city, so much so that the mayor has declared a public holiday in honor of the presumed dead district attorney.

We also learn that Gotham has been hit with a string of burglaries, with jewelry and expensive items stolen from the city's wealthier folks. Some construction sites have also been ransacked. Hmm, we wonder where this might be going?

The sports page is also included, and good news, Gotham Rogues fans! Star receiver Zach Harris has resigned and will be sticking around a while.

It's a neat promo tactic, and it definitely adds a few more layers to Nolan's already intricate take on Gotham City.

Check out the newspaper pages in our gallery below:


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