1st look at the 'Elder Engineer' who got cut from Prometheus

We already knew that Ridley Scott created a very deep, nuanced world for his Alien semi-prequel Prometheus—and a new pic from a scene that didn't make the cut shows off a creepy, different type of Engineer we never had the pleasure to meet. Spoilers below!

Called the "Elder Engineer," the character was played by Matthew Rook. But Scott apparently cut all his scenes while paring things down for the theatrical cut. It's not too surprising that Scott originally wanted to show off a bit more of the Engineer culture, as they are the whole inspiration for the film in the first place.

In the finished version of the film, we didn't get to see many different versions of the Engineer race, as the on-screen iterations were mostly relegated to tall, middle-aged, buff guys.

Here's hoping the footage makes a future DVD release, so we can actually see what the "Elder Engineer" was doing in what appears to be the film's opening scene.

Check out the pic below and let us know: Would you have liked to see more of the Engineers, or do you think Scott included the right amount of godlike aliens?

(Via Prometheus Forum)

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