Bullets are flying in 1st action-packed footage from Dredd

We finally have our first look at the new Judge Dredd reboot, and it is definitely not Sylvester Stallone's cheesy 1995 effort. This Dredd looks dark and awesome—just see for yourself.

The full, official trailer won't be released until tomorrow—but some early footage is in the wild now, and we can see Karl Urban in full Judge mode, as bullets fly in this gritty imagining of Mega City One. Plus we get to hear the gravelly voice Urban will be using, and it definitely fits the character's origins.

Dredd is based on the Judge Dredd comic, and will follow Dredd (Karl Urban) in a violent, futuristic city. He teams with a young trainee to stop the spread of the dangerous, new reality-altering drug SLO-MO.

The footage was released as part of a promo video leading into Comic-Con, and shows up at about the 2:50 minute mark in the clip below:

Dredd is set for release Sept. 21.

Sound off: We've waited this long for a peek at some Dredd footage, so was the wait worth it?

(Via Machinima)

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